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Robert Vallée

    Emeritus Professor, Université  Paris-Nord

                 Professeur Emerite, Université Paris-Nord
                              President  of the WOSC                     aujourd'hui / today : 

B i o g r a p h y   a b s t r a c t

After graduating from "Ecole polytechnique" (Paris) and getting a doctorate in mathematics, Robert Vallée taught in several universities and devoted his scientific researches mainly
to cybernetics and systems science.

He published many articles and books and also took charge of editorial activities.

Robert VALLÉE, born in Poitiers, France, from parents professors (history, literature) entered the "École polytechnique" (Paris). Then in 1961, after a doctorate in mathematics  he held academic positions, mainly in Paris (cf. biography).

He was an adherent to "dynamic systems" which became the subject of his doctoral teaching. After founding the "Cercle d'Études Cybernétiques", in 1950, under the aegis of Louis de Broglie, he introduced the notion of "observation operator"(cf. inset)  in a series of notes to the "Académie des Sciences". In 1995, he published “Cognition et système. Essai d’épistémo-praxéologie”; (cf. bibliography).

In 1954, while participating to the Foreign Students Summer Project of MIT, he has had contacts with Norbert Wiener.

After many years of teaching,  Robert Vallée became Professor emeritus at the "Université  Paris-Nord" (1987). He assumed many other activities centred on cybernetics:

  • member of several scientific committees (Société Mathématique de France, French Association for the Systems Sciences (AFSCET)… (cf.biography).

  • member of the board of journals such as Kybernetes, Revue Internationale de Systémique, Cybernetics and Human knowing

He became Director-general and, in 2003, President of the "World Organisation for Systems and Cybernetics" (WOSC).

His action and researches deserved him awards and medals in particular the “Norbert Wiener Memorial Gold Medal” in 1990.    



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