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The World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC),

                                                                           Excerpt from the WOSC website pages (2008)

The World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics (WOSC), or "Organisation Mondiale pour la Systémique et la Cybernétique (OMSC)", is a federation of national associations and institutions devoted to systems or cybernetics, with English, French and Russian as official languages. It was founded in 1969 by Professor J. Rose (+), who was Director-General until 1987, when this role passed to Professor Robert Vallée and John Rose became Honorary Director of the organisation.

Dr Norbert Wiener is the President in Memoriam. Professor Stafford Beer was the President until his death in August 2002.

WOSC Secretariat
More details about the work of WOSC can be obtained from

   Dr Alex Andrew, Director-General,

   95 Finch Road, Earley, Reading RG6 7JX, UK

   Telephone and FAX: +44 118 9269328

:  Professor R. Vallée, President,

2 rue de Vouillé, 75015 Paris, FRANCE

Telephone and FAX: +33 1

Board of Directors

From the spring of 2004, WOSC has been restructured, and the Director-General is now Dr Alex Andrew (UK), with Professor Robert Vallée (France) as President.

The Director-General is assisted by a Board of Directors in promoting "Systems Theory and Cybernetics" in the 37 countries that are involved.

Communication between Countries

Kybernetes is the official journal of WOSC. It was founded in 1972 and since 1988 has been published by MCB University Press. Congresses have been held every three years since the first in London in 1969. Subsequent events have been in Oxford (1972), Bucharest (1975), Amsterdam (1978), Mexico City (1981), Paris (1984), London (1987), New York (1990), New Delhi (1993), again Bucharest (1996). again London (1999), Pittsburgh (2002), Maribor (2005)


Norbert Wiener Institute

The Institute will supplement the work of the Secretariat by allowing the interaction of individuals and national organisations to be continuous.

Norbert Wiener

In honour of Dr Norbert Wiener and to mark the centenary of his birth, the Institute has been named the Norbert Wiener Institute. The Director of the Institute is Professor Brian H. Rudall

Origin of Cybernetics

The formal birth of the subject of Cybernetics was the publication in 1948 of the book Cybernetics by Dr Norbert Wiener, with the subtitle: "Communication and Control in the Animal and the Machine" (published by Hermann & Cie, Paris and Wiley & Sons, New York). The ideas arose from collaboration of Wiener with Warren McCulloch and others including Walter Pitts. After the death of Warren McCulloch in 1969, his wife compiled a set of "Collected Works" which unfortunately has not been widely distributed because of the financial failure of the publisher. A Contents list can be seen here. Another major contributor to the field, and a friend of Warren McCulloch, was Donald MacKay who has a list of references to his early work as attached.

Honorary Fellowships

WOSC has established a limited number of Honorary Fellowships for eminent scientists in the fields of cybernetics, systems, computers and related disciplines. For the list, see below.

Board of Directors

The Director-General of WOSC is Dr Alex Andrew (UK) who is assisted by a Board of Directors in promoting systems theory and cybernetics in the countries that are involved.

The members of the Directorate are:











Prof. Robert Vallée (France)


        Director of the Norbert Wiener Institute
                                  of the WOSC


                            Prof. Brian H. Rudall








                 Dr. Alex Andrew


Founder and Honorary Director

+ Prof. J. Rose (UK)

President in Memoriam

Dr Norbert Wiener (USA)

Past-President in Memoriam


Prof. Stafford Beer (UK)


  • Dr Constantin Bilciu (USA)
  • Professor Dwijesh Dutta Majumder (India)


  • Professor Raúl Espejo (UK)
  • Professor Nan-chon Hu
    (P.R. of China)
  • Professor Amaranto Lopes Pereira (Brazil)
  • Professor Mohamed Najim (Morocco)
  • Martin Smith (UK)


   The following have accepted the WOSC

  • D. Gabor, Nobel Laureate (UK), In M.

  • B.D. Josephson, Nobel Laureate (UK)

  • L. Pauling, Nobel Laureate (USA), In M.

  • I. Prigogine, Nobel Laureate (Belgium), In M.

  • H.A. Simon,  Nobel Laureate (USA), In M.

  • Evelyne Andreewsky (France), In M.

  • A.M. Andrew, Reading (UK)

  • A. Balevski, Bulgarian Acad. Sci. (Bulgaria)

  • S. Beer, Manchester Business School (UK), In M.

  • J. Bigelow, Princeton Inst. Adv. Stud. (USA)

  • Zdislaw Bubnicki, (Poland), In M.

  • C. Chagas, Vatican Acad. Sci. (Brazil)

  • A. Danzin, I.N.R.I.A. (France)

  • D. Drimer, Ecol. Univ. Bucharest (Romania)

  • R. Ericson, Soc. Gen. Syst. Res. (USA)

  • R. Espejo, Univ. Lincolnshire (UK)

  • F.H. George, Brunel Univ. (UK), In M.

  • F. Geyer, Centre Co-ord. Res. Soc. Sci. (Netherlands)

  • A. Ghosal, SOMAC (India)



  • T.C. Helvey, Univ. Tenn. (USA), In M.

  • C. Hammer, Sperry-Univac (USA), In M.

  • Kozesnik, Cze.-Slo. Acad. Sci., In M.

  • L. Kumar, Goverm. of India (India)

  • M. Manescu, Acad. Econ. Stud. (Romania)

  • M.D. Mesarovic, West. Res. Univ. (USA)

  • Matjaz Mulej, Maribor (Slovenia)

  • M. Nalecz, Pol. Acad. Sci. (Poland)

  • E. Nicolau, Polytch. Inst. Bucharest (Romania), In M.

  • J.D. Palmer, IEEE (USA)

  • S. Ramo, T.R.W. Inc. (USA)

  • B.H. Rudall, U. North Wales (UK)

  • J.G. Santesmases, A.E.I.A. (Spain)(In M.)

  • Sifeng Liu (P.R. of China)

  • Yi Lin (USA)

  • M. Valentinuzzi, Inst. Cyber. (Argentina)

  • R. Vallée, Univ. Paris-Nord. (France)

  • Sir G. Vickers (UK), In M.

  • L.A. Zadeh, Univ. Cal. (USA)

  • J. v.d. Zouwen, F. Univ. Am. (Netherlands)


Norbert Wiener Memorial Gold Medal

  • N. Ceausescu (1978)
  • T.C. Helvey (1981)
  • S. Beer (1984)
  • J. Rose (1987)


  • H. von Foerster (1995)
  • B.H. Rudall (1996)
  • I. Prigogine (1999)


  • C. Pert (2000)

  • A. M. Andrew (2008)